Color Changing Activewear Technology

We use only the highest quality shirts, inks, and styles to produce an amazing product. The technology in the inks allows them to change temperature with body heat, sunlight or ambient temperature. Our clothing is made with design and quality the most important aspect, and with the added color change technology, you can be subtle but very noticeable!

Get outside with our Color Changing Activewear

Reveal your KaMillion

The phrase “Reveal” translates to something as simple as just get out, get away from technology and be active, be sweaty, and enjoy what’s around us. You don’t have to necessarily be training for a marathon but something as simple as taking a hike. This is a grass roots effort to change the epidemic of screen time. We know our clothing isn’t the miracle cure for the lethargic lifestyle that is plaguing us, but we hope it is a step in the right direction.