Our Story

Fueled by a passion for outdoor adventure and a healthy and active lifestyle, Kamillion Wear co-founders Justin Draper and Jason Taylor bring their desire for promoting recreation and movement together to introduce their heat-activated sportswear line to the market.

It’s no coincidence that Justin and Jason met through their own kids’ sports events, and the friendship and business partnership would flourish from there. The idea emerged as a result of observation. As their kids grew older, the “connection to the screen” became more pronounced, and this would elevate their shared desire to create a product line that would promote and encourage an active, outdoor lifestyle.

It’s only natural and fitting that this avid duo would collaborate to create a line of products that inspire both kids and adults alike to get outdoors and become more active. Having personally competed in and completed multiple full-distance Ironman Triathlon challenges in addition to hiking, camping, biking and mountaineering, these adventure-seeking enthusiasts would take the idea to the next level and launch their heat-activated sportswear line, based on activity levels and natural outdoor elements.

Justin and Jason are fired up about the future! Their hope is to grow the business and to expand their existing adult line of the Kamillion Wear product. Between family recreation, outdoor adventures, community involvement, and launching a business, Justin and Jason are eager to make a big impact on healthy and active living.